> Fluff Launches Into Space! That's Right! Astronauts will be eating Fluffernutters on the Shuttle (they'll be doing a few other things too).

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Fluff Launches Into Space!

Karen Murphy
National Security Programs
Harvard University

Ever wonder what astronauts eat in space? Well, one from New England had a specific request to take a ‘homegrown’ product with him - Marshallow Fluff.

Astronaut Rick Linnehan visited me a few weeks ago in my home in Watertown. Both being Boston natives, we found ourselves in a conversation about those things from our youth that stand out in memories...Bobby Orr leading his Boston Bruins, Paragon Park’s rollercoaster you could see the moment you entered Hull.

"What about Fluffernutters?" Rick asked me.
"Mmmmm." was my intelligent reply. "And, hot cocoa with Fluff!"

The next thing I know we were pulling into the parking lot of the Watertown Shaw's [SuperMarket]. We grabbed a red plastic handbasket and began the quest. "It lives amongst the peanut butters and jellies," I confidently told him. I’m no fluff-amateur, I’ll proudly admit. Rick even knew the jingle "When you have fluff and peanut butter, you’ll want another (nother, nother... ").
I groaned and threw two white and blue plastic containers in the basket alongside their peanut butter buddies.

Rick flew back to Houston that night, Fluff packed neatly into luggage. I dug a spoon in mine and had half the container before his plane left the tarmac, I’m sure. A few days later he called me "I’m taking Fluff into space!" His next mission in on the Endeavour (STS-123) on March 11, 2008. STS-123 is an international mission combining the expertise and experience of several countries working together to create a working 'home' in space. The crew will deliver the first section of the Japanese-built Kibo laboratory and the Canadian Space Agency's two-armed robotic system called Dextre.

On board will be 7 astronauts, various robotic equipment and computers, several flags and banners from schools and universities all across the world. And, one small container of wonderful, white goodness.

Who knew Fluff would rise so high?