Kids Love It!

Marshmallow Fluff® is a sure-fire hit with kids of all ages. Take a look at our Scrapbook, and send us a fluff on the face pic!

Great Recipes!

Try our “never-fail fudge” and dozens of great Fluff-inspired recipes in our Online Yummy Book.

Over 75 Years!

We’ve been making Fluff the same way with fresh natural ingredients in our super-clean factory for over 75 years!


Fluff comes in two delicious flavors!

And it's so easy to order a jar, or even a whole case of Fluff!

Fluff In Space — Check It Out!

Departing Space Station Commander, Sunny Williams, takes us on a tour of the International Space Station, which is cool enough, but then she shows us her favorite space food, that’s right, Fluffernutters!