“Flufferently” Asked Questions

How should Marshmallow Fluff be stored?
My Never Fail Fudge failed. What happened?
What is the 'soft ball test'?
Should I use a candy thermometer to test for the 'soft ball stage' when cooking fudge?
What causes the 16 oz. plastic lid to dome, or to cup?
What is the easiest way to measure Marshmallow Fluff when making a recipe?
Is Fluff gluten free?
How is Fluff easily removed from materials?
Can Fluff's Plastic container be reused for food storage and freezing?
How much Fluff do you use when making Rice Krispie Treats?
How do you make ice cream topping?
Why don't you make chocolate Fluff?
What is Fluff made from?
Do you offer coupons?
Do you offer premiums?
Is Fluff the same as Marshmallow Creme?